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Call for Papers

The 5G & Telemedicine Security Summit call for papers is CLOSED.

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Topics areas include:


Third and Fourth Party Security Risks 

Medical Device Security

Patient's Role in Security

Vulnerability to "Classic" Attacks

Emerging Vulnerabilities in Artificial Intelligence

Dates and Deadlines



12 September 2022 - Call for Papers opens

12 December 2022 - Call for Papers Closes

19 December 2022 - Speaker Notification






All presentations are 45-minute blocks (35 minutes speaking, 10 minutes questions)


Packet Requirements (This information is published on the website and in the agenda):

1. Personal Bio - Tell us about yourself

2. Elevator Pitch (300 characters or less)

3. Abstract (2-4 Paragraphs)


  • No commercial presentations

  • Incomplete papers will not be reviewed

  • Please let us know if you have a live demonstration

  • Real-World case studies and research

  • What equipment do you need? Please include a list with your packet

Papers are considered in one of three categories:

  • Category 1: Social Engineering / Deception (both human & technical)

  • Category 2: Presentations on Technical & Functional topics

  • Category 3: Anything and everything scholarly related to 5G & Telemedicine

Perspectives we seek can include (but are not limited to):

  1. Offensive Security, Penetration Testing, Red Team

  2. Defensive Security, Blue Team, OPSEC

  3. Forensics (Un-Pimp your Bot)

  4. OSInt - Open source security & vulnerabilities

  5. Space-Based, Sea-based & Terrestrial 5G Telemedicine

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