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About 5GTSC

The goal of conducting this 5G Telemedicine Security Conference is to investigate the secure use of 5G technology to perform lifesaving telemedicine while educating medical & cybersecurity professionals on the potential vulnerabilities and limitations inherent in all Internet of Medical Things (IOMT).


We believe by engaging experts in the military, government, academia, and industry, and by utilizing the functionality of the MedtoMarket facility, we can provide a venue to educate people about the capabilities and limitations of telemedicine and telementoring in a 5G environment.

With this conference, we will bring together medical and cybersecurity professionals from the military, public sector, academia, and private sector to foster relationships focused on creating and continually improving secure 5G / Telemedicine & medical device capabilities.


Who: Military, government, academia, and industry are all invited to participate and share expertise.

What: A “hands-on” security conference providing:

  1. Education on 5G infrastructure and functionality

  2. Various Telemedicine presentations

  3. Live demo’s showcasing Telemedicine & Telementoring in a 5G environment.


When: October 31 - November 1, 2023 


Where: MedtoMarket 2101 East St. Elmo Rd Austin, TX


Why: 5G is an emergent technology that holds many opportunities for improving and expanding telemedicine delivery. More bandwidth and faster speed are just two of the many benefits for practitioners and patients alike. Conversely, as with all new technologies, the professionals in the industry must be mindful of all aspects of 5G. Increasing awareness of the functionality and possibilities for telemedicine is essential for IT and medical professionals to provide secure and effective medical care.

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